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Just Relax!!! You can get powerful results just from sitting back and focusing on positive ideas. Suggestion therapy really comes into its own when used for simpler problems such as smoking, nail biting, pre-test nerves or confidence boosting. You can also have customised sessions to deal with specific situations such as fear of flying, a visit to the dentist or for sports performance enhancement.

Hypo-Analysis is used to deal with more complex problems.

You can’t change the past. That’s true, but you can change the way you feel about the past using hypno-analysis.


It’s that baggage from the past, old feelings, that produce inhibitations and blocks today that give rise to symptoms all the way from panic attacks to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, from phobias to alcohol abuse.


To change to your symptoms you need to change one of the other two components in the equation. You can reduce the external stress by changing your attitude to it. This is where straightforward suggestion therapy is so useful. Keep it simple, and why not!

Quite often though, problems are long-standing and go deeper. The way forward is to deal with the other component, “Emotion”. This means the old feelings from the past. Here it’s hypno-analysis that helps you to change by re-examining the past and putting it in perspective.

I use two entirely different hypnotic treatments:

Suggestion Therapy is used for simpler problems such as interview nerves, nail biting, pre-test nerves, slimming, relaxation, confidence boosting etc, and which require only one or two sessions with perhaps a booster later on. You can also have customised sessions to deal with specific situations such as fear of flying, a visit to the dentist or for sports performance enhancement.

Sexual problems, like impotence, have often responded rapidly to suggestion therapy although in other cases you would need hypno-analysis to get to the root of the problem.

I use Analytical Therapy (hypno-analysis) to discover causes of psychological problems (and, of course, I do mix the two therapies – Hypnotherapy (suggestion therapy) to help reduce anxiety;  Hypno-ANALYSIS to set you free of it!).  Hypno-analysis can be summarised briefly as the doctrine of “cause and effect”: every effect (the symptom) must have a cause.  Hypno-analysis reveals and removes the cause, and consequently relieves the symptoms.

Emotional problems respond particularly well to hypno-analysis. The object of analysis is to bring you to (probably several) moments of surprising and liberating enlightenment, and one can be fairly confident that a release will be obtained usually within six to sixteen sessions of analysis. In these cases we are talking about a complete and lasting release, by finding and removing originating causes – as opposed to mere control of symptoms by suggestion.

There is no reason why anyone should put up with something “inside themselves but outside their control”, provided they are prepared to devote time, money, effort and self-discipline to be free of their problem. The use of simple relaxation dramatically speeds up ‘analysis’, and similar results can be achieved in a few weeks as would be expected from a more conventional “1000 hour” analysis.

As a therapist, I deal with many, many problems. Normally it’s fairly obvious that they are stress related but there are also lots of physical problems that are amenable to treatment even though they don’t seem on the surface to be due to anxiety. You can be sure, however, that whether you are a modest smoker merely needing a little help to stop, or someone having full blown panic attacks, you will receive the best attention at all times.

Your Therapist

Jonathan Manning BSc (Psychology) DHyp (Adv) F.I.A.E.B.P. M.N.C.H.(Acc.)
After his formal degree in psychology at the University of Southampton, Jonathan gained his qualification in hypnotherapy with the Hypnotherapy Control Board. He is currently chairman of the council of the International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy. He is also an accredited member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

Members of these associations are bound by a strict code of practice and ethics. The rules of the associations require, among other things, that members are covered by professional indemnity insurance and such a certificate of insurance is available for inspection. Members have also agreed to discharge each and every client from treatment at the earliest possible moment consistent with that client’s good care. Every member undertakes to respect a client’s confidentiality at all times.

In April 2001, Jonathan was awarded a fellowship of the International Association of Hypnoanalysts in recognition of his contribution to the profession.

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