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Stop Smoking With Hypnosis
The main difficulty for smokers is that you consciously know all the reasons to stop smoking, and may even have a smoking related illness, but something keeps telling you that smoking is O.K., or that you can stop smoking …. later. This voice comes from the unconscious part of your mind, which has been ‘programmed’ at the first experience of smoking and has not changed at all since then. That first experience was usually in the early teenage years, with a group of others, when smoking was ‘naughty but nice’ and a way of keeping in with the group.

By using hypnosis we can re-educate the unconscious part of your mind about smoking, changing those early lessons into up to date information about the smoking habit and its expense, health risks, anti-social nature, but also some great news about how fast things change when you do stop. Once both unconscious and conscious parts of your mind are in agreement, you’ll find it easy to stop smoking.

In my practice I see people only once for stopping smoking, and that session includes:

1) An initial interview to discover if there is any anxiety linked to the smoking habit, and details of your smoking routines.
2) After I’ve explained a bit about it, you’ll be guided into hypnosis.
3) A suggestion programme for increased calm confidence, to counteract any stress that may have resulted from stopping smoking.
4) A programme to re-educate the unconscious part of your mind about smoking and to allow you to accept yourself as a healthy non-smoker.
5) A post-hypnotic suggestion for use if tempted to smoke by others.

You take away a CD, which is a repeat of the hypnotic session designed to reinforce the messages and offset stress. This is for use every day for the first week, and three times a week for a further month. You are also advised that, like an alcoholic, you cannot have ‘just one’ cigarette, as this could put you back where you started (most people know this from experience!). If you should feel tempted, I recommend you use the CD.

The success rate of this programme is very high, with most people coming on the recommendation of past clients.

The Stop Smoking Session
I use more than just suggestions to help you stop smoking. A fair bit of the time is spent talking about you, about stress and about why you are stopping smoking.

We look at the various issues and expectations that come up when people stop smoking and we get to deal with those issues. I explain about hypnosis and then we do a nice, eyes-closed session at the end to tie it all together. The suggestions are recorded as an mp3 and given to you on a CD so you are able to repeat the session at home (put it on your ipod) and build up the effects.


Consequences of Smoking
Over the years, I have been listening very carefully and recording the complaints of smokers as they describe their physical symptoms and health issues.

I’ve put my observations on the table.

It seems that the human body can defend itself and recover from the many severe physical problems that are the result of smoking for up to twenty years. This period varies, though, from person to person and is affected by the weaknesses they inherit.

Beginning at zero, as the years of smoking add up, so you can observe the steady increase in the severity of symptoms. After the twenty year mark however, it is apparent that your body begins to loose its ability to defend itself against the ravages of the chemical toxins in cigarette smoke.

These chemicals include cancer causing agents that enter your body, and toxins that supres your immune system. Your immune system is your first line of defence against infection and disease. Without this defence capacity, the door opens to severe and often catastrophic illness.

My message is simple:


Does it work?
This is the commonest question I’m asked and it’s a good one because it points to being stuck in the old thinking – people TRY patches or gum, and fail. They are still looking for something to fix them. They won’t be successful until THEY decide to stop. So the question shouldn’t be “Does it work?” but “Are you ready to decide to stop?” OK then, I’ll help you do it!

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